we are differnet
but we are the same,

we are two…
but we are one,

we are far
but we have the same Roots…


I love this Tree… and I feel indebted to it… It has taught many things to me…

It shows and says everything that there is and will ever be…
This tree might has been cut into and divided into two because of a strong lightning… and it’s really fascinating to see that above the ground what seems to the observer at the 1st sight, are just two different tree bodies… but in fact they are one and the same Tree… sharing the same roots beneath the ground… even though they may look like two separate trees… they have and depend on the same root system…

Something that humans have long forgotten… and have searched every ways of creating Schisms… instead of just realizing this simple fact that we all depend on each other… and we’re all humans… we all have that beauty in ourselves… anyway… there’s so much to be said regarding this subject… and if I start I have to write pages of words… that what initiates these inclinations and so on…

17 thoughts on “Roots…

  1. I love this picture! 🙂
    The one I was looking forward to see here, in your photo blog. :hug_tb:
    An amazing tree that you’ve made a deep and meaningful shot of it! :thumbup_tb:

  2. haha…how r u man? i missed u,everything is ok?
    this is a nice shot rock boy;)
    kaveh jan ghadima maram mizashti ye sari be page ma mizadi,jadidan hame sar sangin shodan,nakone dawsh kaveye maham are???? :rock_tb: :fancy_tb:
    take care;)

  3. Buenisimo Hdr, me gusta tanto la composicion, como ese cielo tan azul con esas nubes blancas bien contrastadas, la forma de los arboles sorprendente.

  4. in my view the roots resemble a test in combat for the life…
    Every man is a tree
    One who is fruitful is humbly falling
    And one is still growing
    I like to plant a tree that has
    stem ,leaves and roots
    So powerful
    So powrful
    So powerful…

    Well Done!

  5. The eye & the brain fool us that seperation exsists … this is a wonderful example to show at the root of all things we are one … beautiful shot Kaveh :thumbsup_tb:

  6. There is so much depth and emotion in this frame. I can see why this tree has come to mean so much to you. It’s full of wisdom.
    A touching image with words that match perfectly.

  7. @bluechameleon: after seeing all of ur works and reading all what u’d shared in all of them… I got to know u more… and it’s really a happy thing to have ur ideas on my photoblog Sharon… :kaveh: thanks for ur beautiful comment…

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